3 Good Dishwashers – Portable

Now you don’t have to sacrifice on your kitchen space for bulky appliances. With changing time and technology, we have reached a level where appliances are getting smaller than ever before. But what about the dishwashers? Yes, even they have gotten small and portable.

Among so many brands and models, what is the best portable dishwasher? After some brutal testing we have found these 3 good dishwashers that stood strong.

Danby DDW1899WPSPT Stainless Steelspt 18 inch white
Danby DDW1899WPSPT Stainless SteelSPT 18 inch White

Why should I get a portable?

Every individual has his or her own specifications when it comes to buying a dishwasher. But the first and foremost thing to consider while shopping for a dishwasher is to calculate how much space you have for it. Does it fit into your kitchen?

Not everyone can afford to install the dishwasher under the kitchen cabinet (due to inadequate space) and in such cases portable dishwasher comes as a saver. The special feature these dishwashers posses is that they can be moved to any place easily, thanks to their rollers underneath. So what does it mean to us? If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, then keep it somewhere else and when want to wash dishes roll the dishwasher to a place where there is adequate facility like the sink for draining and electric terminals.

The other interesting feature of this dishwasher is that, if you opt for a stainless steel model then the top or roof of the dishwasher can be used as a cutting table in your kitchen. Moreover these days there are another generation of dishwashers popping up called convertible dishwashers. These can be pushed under the cabinet and they resemble built in dishwasher when it comes to the final look and appeal after installation. A good option if you frequently move from place to place, depending on the kitchen space they can be modified accordingly. This is called a smart design for a smarter kitchen.

The regular or standard size usually range in between 18 inches to 24 inches (width). You can choose your product based on the load it has to deal with, the more the load bigger would be the dishwasher. Again these portable dishwashers have almost every feature that other powerful dishwashers posses namely water heater for better sanitization and multiple washing cycles for cleaner dishes. With performance and efficiency no less than a built-in dishwasher, they are the best choice to go for (if you are still thinking).

Apart from just saving space they can even handle chinaware, silverware and other large utensils carefully. There are separate racks for each type of vessels which actually does the trick of safely cleaning them according to the material being used. Everything is same when compared to an high end model but the only difference are the wheels which make them stand out among all the dishwashers in stores.

These days portable and countertop dishwashers are manufactured both with plastic and/or stainless steel materials, making them one of the most reliable and durable home appliances. Both these materials have their own advantages and purpose of use. Thus helping the dishwasher racks and interiors have a longer life time. Guess what, they need minimum maintenance and repair during their service to you.

Last point but this is something which everyone likes, they are available in plenty of colors and shapes. So you can choose them according to your taste and requirement. Our personal suggestion is that go for something that compliments your kitchen background and your working style (you are paying for it and satisfaction is the ultimate result – if you get it right).

portable danby 18 inch dishwashers

How to use a portable dishwasher?

  1. If  you are going for a used portable dishwasher make sure there is faucet adapter or else get one, this will help for an easy operation.
  2. Get your dishwasher in position (near to the sink and power socket). Then connect the faucet adapter firmly to the tap. Unclog the sink and connect the hose to the sink.
  3. If the dish washer is not equipped with an automatic food disposer, then you have to remove all the food materials from the dishes before loading.
  4. Next load the dishes and fill with detergent. An important note to remember is that you cannot use your sink while the appliance is operating.
  5. Make sure you are done with all the above process, and only then connect to the power socket. As a precaution ensure all the electrical safety measurements are taken care of before you switch it on.
  6. When you are done with cleaning remove all these connections that was made before and put the dishwasher back to it’s original place or store room.
  7. You can also use hot water for cleaning. Some dishwashers come with a built-in water heater, if your machine has this feature then do use it for a germ free clean.