How to Replace and Connect a Dishwasher Hose to Sink

Let’s talk about how to select a hose and then replacing the damaged hose with a new one. Also we discuss how to properly connect it to a sink for right disposal of sewer from the dishwasher after clean. If you don’t get these 2 things right in the first step then everything is going to be a burden later on, which will includes more work post replacement tweaking it.

It is a common mistake that most people do at their home by not connecting the hose correctly. This is then causing them more time and effort to rectify.

First read the instruction manual thoroughly for recommended steps in installing or replacing the hose. Carefully remove the old or damaged hose from your dishwasher. Next make sure you have everything ready for a successful installation.  Point to be noted, many manufacturer recommend a high loop drain explicitly under sink, this is to avoid the water or contamination from flowing back. So get this job done and then rest is just replacing the dishwasher hose and getting it connected to the sink.

I hope the video below might help you in walking you through the entire process with ease. Disconnect the dishwasher power supply before you start replacing the hose to avoid any risk of electrical shock.

Things required:

  1. Dishwasher connector hose kit (plastic or stainless steel), which is a complete package of lines, fittings, user manual etc.