How to Get Rid of Hard Water Deposits From Your Kitchen Appliances

Just imagine of all those spots and stains on your kitchen utensils or vessels left behind due to the usage of hard water, it is not a good feeling for me though. Because we put in long hours cleaning all the stuff and finally there we have these spots. It is a real ordeal to clean your kitchen appliances especially when there are deposits left behind by the use of hard water.

You might have read a lot of methods to actually remove them but majority of these methods suggests you to use chemicals. Not everyone likes to go with them, and if you are one of those then try these strategies listed below to get rid of those hard deposits without any clue.

Now with the steps to proceed with. The first one should be to use some water to wet them and later apply vinegar. Sit back and wait for a few minutes, then get yourself a scrubbing brush or (some people are comfortable with a tooth-brush also) and start scrubbing over the target area.

After you are done with this, use hot water to clean off the resulting product. This should get rid of all the stains and spots, if not try this step again. In the last step, use a clean cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt or marks.

But this won’t be enough everything repeats if you don’t stop using hard water in your appliances. There are many water softeners available give them a try. This has to be followed even for the best dishwasher because it gets difficult to clean the inside walls once these spots or deposits are formed.

Other products that work great are baking soda, lime juice. Make paste out of them and apply it wherever required and let it dry for some time, then as usual scrub it to remove the marks or stains.