Bosch Dishwasher Reviews

Why are they Ranked #1?

Quality – Each of the bosch dishwasher has to pass 485 tests before they are packed and wait that’s not all they are even water tested to ensure they run as intended. What does it mean to you ? As a customer you can expect the highest quality dishwasher reaching your home which has gone through rigorous quality procedures.

Awards – With all these quality assurance and ongoing optimization to their dishwashers, bosch as earned the most number of awards worldwide (as of 2014).

#1 Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Series 24 inch

Bosch SHP65T55UCBosch is known for manufacturing the world’s quietest dishwashers and when somebody asks us about a good dishwasher we just point them to this one – SHP65T55UC. This model released in 2013 as becoming an household name among the customers who have bought it and there is no doubt, this model as hundreds of satisfied customers who recommend this bosch dishwasher as the #1 in the market today.

So what makes SHP65T55UC model rank in the top of every list with so many positive dishwasher reviews raving about the appliances performance. Let us list them out one at a time.

Quiet: Yes, there are a whopping 18 different sound reduction technologies incorporated so that your machine does not make more noise. This model’s decibel or sound levels are certified by an independent laboratory.

3rd Rack – Amazing feature which helps you load more utensils (30% more than regular). Ideal for cooking utensils and longer silverwares. Finally comes down to doing more work in less time.

Energy Efficiency – Belongs to Tier 1 class and is a energy star certified product with a total energy consumption of 259 kWh per year and with 624 g water consumption per year.

Wash Cycles – 5 Wash cycle programs and 4 options.

The 5 cycles are:

  • Power Scrub Plus US
  • Auto US
  • Regular US
  • Quick Wash US
  • Rinse & Hold US

The 4 options are:

  • Crystal Protect
  • Extra dry
  • Half load
  • Sanitation


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Detergent Tray – A special and optimized tray for tablet detergents to dissolve tablets more efficiently and feed the spray jet (that sprays on the dishes directly avoiding the door).

Express Wash – This is a 30 minute wash, perfect for glass and silverware. Comes very handy when you have a party at home, reuse the utensils again and clean them with this feature.

Bosch SHP65T55UC

Bosch SHP65T55UC








        • - Quite - One of the quitest model available
        • - Energy Start Compliant
        • - Comes ready with a third rack


        • - Higher End - May Not be for all

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